Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wednesday's Child is full of Wonder

I have always disagreed with that old nursery rhyme--that Wednesday is full of woe; Thursday has far to go etc. I think who ever wrote that was just trying to please someone born on Saturday or Sunday. Fair of face or full of grace. The remainder of the days just got what ever was easy to rhyme. So I'm full of wonder. Usually I'm full of something else but my son reads this.

I have not been having the best of months this October. It's been raining and I have been doing "household" work rather than quilty work and I'm getting pretty aggravated. I took pictures and had hoped to insert them into previous posts but the Hub had other things to do and forgot he was to help me and now he's gone to New York for the rest of the week. A kind comment on my second post has me headed it the right direction but I need help the first time. I wore red to work today to give myself a "cheerful" appearance and it worked! Isn't color nifty.

Two art quilters and I have formed a tiny group and we are having a round robin of "projects" to try (to get us to try new things) and then share what we though of the process. The first was from QA Fall 2005--creating fabric from scraps. I used what was in the wastebasket and balked at the --"use stamps all over the surface". I have one stamp. Not wanting to let the group down on the first project--I went ahead and stamped. It did make the surface uniform--uniformly stamped. Now I have to quilt. Almost all the QA techniques involve layers of tulle, organza, stamps, burning, foil and beads. Why is that???? Now some of the things I have made this way turned out looking very interesting but I wonder--does a 12 inch square translate successfully to a 40 in square? Let me know.


Caitlin said...

Good question - I think the answer is - squares are a hard format to design successfully anyway, so a 12" square might work, but a 40"? Much harder, in my opinion.

That said, I love working in squares, it's kind of a symbol of feeling securely and safely closed in for me.

I'd love to see a picture of your stamped fabric... tomorrow I'm carving potato stamps for an experiment (I need fabric printed with beetles in a subtle colour - only way to do it is make my own!)

Oh, and as to why QA does so many "experimental" things? I think it might be because they are trying so hard to be cutting edge - I for one would like to see an article where a quilter/designer has to make something spectacular by using a simple technique in a creative way. Hmmm, maybe I'll write and suggest that! Pokey certainly seems very open to suggestions for articles and ideas...

Deborah said...

Wow. You have packed so many good questions and interesting ideas into this post. Hmmmm. QA... I agree. There is so much stuff that is completely gunked up in that magazine. Some of it I adore, some is just stuff for the sake of stuff. Wearing bright colors! Yes, I must wear my orage jacket again soon. Jeff and I have a date Saturday night, maybe then! Or my bright red pashmina. Ahhh... posting pictures. I promise I'll send you some tips today, or we can make a date and do it together.