Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pictures We have Pictures!

Remember a while back I mentioned doing a project with two other quilters. We were going to use Quilting Arts magazine articles to encourage one or more of us out of our comfort zones. I have to admit to reading the magazine, loving the pictures and never doing any of the suggested projects--so this was going to be more than interesting for me.

At first, I balked at using the stamp on the layered scrap fabrics but the stamping does unify the surface. Other methods for unification could be appliques of the same shape over the surface.

After stamping and layering with net or tulle we were supposed to outline the stamping with
machine stitching and then cut away the layers of tulle over the stampings. I cut some of them away and left others.

Yesterday I was a guest at an ArtQuilts "work party". Everyone brought their "stuff" and proceeded to work on projects. Almost everyone had brought along some show and tell items. I brought this layered/stamped work in progress. The other quilters were interested in the surface design and perhaps a few of them will try it out at home.

One quilter brought painted WU (wonder under) that she had painted with acrylics, air dried for 24 hours (how do other people WAIT that long?) and then carefully pressed the painted side to a piece of white cotton fabric. As the wet paint dries the backing paper on the WU wrinkles and gives the whole piece a very impressionist look. Great for little landscapes. So I am going to give that technique a "go".

There were also wonderful books to browse through and one of them will be on my list for Santa. Contemporary Quilts: Design; Surface; Stitch by Sandra Meech. I'm also hoping someone buys Quilt National 2005 for me. I've seen advertisements for Art Quilts: A Celebration. 400 Stunning contemporary designs. Any reviews on that?

One other highlight of yesterday's quilter's work day. I sewed my left index finger to my quilt. Well, I ran the sewing machine needle into my finger and then jerked back---tearing the skin and bleeding alot. I had to lay on the floor. Low blood pressure. It was lay down or fall down. Everyone was well prepared for "emergency" situations. A pillow for my head, emergency kit with antibiotics, bandages etc. My finger hurts but my heart feels very well cared for indeed.

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Deborah said...

Yippee! The pictures look great. Wow... how did I miss the entire wounded finger episode? I'm so glad you were there on Saturday. I'm glad you enjoyed it.