Wednesday, October 26, 2005

...But not for me.

Well, we tried everything to get just one blurry picture into post number 2. Now my laptop is running with the speed of cold taffy. It took around 2 minutes to go from the dashboard to posting. And I'm on highspeed cable with wireless. Go figure. Therefore the title of this posting---this works for everyone--but not for me.

The process of loading pictures isn't that difficult. It's merely the fact that each cue to upload causes Safari to crash.

The weather here in the Northeast continues to move swiftly to COLD: WET: DARK. The Dark Times. So to celebrate I have decided to stay in my pajamas all day and to watch Law and Order reruns while making things in my quilt room. Let's hope the Fed Ex man doesn't need me to sign anything at 4 pm today. Maybe I should brush my hair??? ( insert picture of my hair here if I could)

I found a stick (insert picture of stick here if I could) in the shape of the letter Y on my trip to the mailbox last week. Then on the weekend while trying to clean things up in the dining room (aka: craft area) I found a neat picture I had photocopied from a children's book (insert picture) with y's all over it. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Who cares. I'm going to make something and then sew my letter Y branch on it. And continue to scout for other branches in the shape of letters of the alphabet lying around in my yard. Just what letters of the alphabet could be created by branches? V. Maybe a T. I. K if the tree was really trying.

I've had lunch- - roasted butternut squash soup with buttered crackers and hot tea with a side of Celebrity Poker, so I guess it's time to move on down the hall to the workroom and get going with "making something". Later!

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