Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Post Halloween

My boss said I had never looked better.  My customers tried not to make eye contact--one reporting my face paint was "too disturbing".   So, Halloween was a success.

I had the MOST unusual day.  A customer came in with a mini white orchid to be repotted.  She asked if I was "the joanne".  I said yes (why not?).  Asked if I could repot.  I said yes.

While putting the little orchid in it's new pot (nestled into damp sheet moss and bark chips) I discovered I am an "urban legion".  How's that for a story?

My customer and her friend were bowling when the orchid gifting happened.  And the bowler in the next lane (unknown to them) suggested they stop at my place of work and ask for "Joanne" to do the repot.  "She's fantastic" the guy said.  "knows everything about everything and is magical".

I (obviously) didn't disappoint as, while repotting, this customer called her friend on the phone and said "I'm here at the greenhouse and SHE'S REAL!!!!!!"  I guess I was everything the guy described and better.  Now, I'm wondering who the guy is????