Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Poinsettias Arrive @ Work

I spent Monday clearing tables for the truckload of "points" as we call them to arrive on Tuesday, in a heated truck.  These babies don't like the cold.  We have a new variety (for us) that is palest pink and white.  Also a neon pink.

I was busy tagging, wiring a hanging loop and adding bows to 48 swags that arrived after 3 pm on Monday.  We work until 5:30 so I was really trying hard to get them all finished.  Sigh. I was three short of the finish line.  I work best under pressure.

Today I was home so G and I set out after Riley's walk to do errands.  We needed new lights for the outdoor wreaths.  And I am always short on lights by the time I get to the bottom of the 8 foot tree.  so I purchased another 200 light string so the bottom of the tree will be brightly lit up.  G also got his Birthday Gift.  A Keurig.  He is busy making flavored coffee.  Hazelnut and Pumpkin Spice.  The house now smells like hazelnuts.

I held off getting this new machine as there is only so much kitchen counter space in our very large kitchen.  It wasn't built with a coffee maker, Keurig, Vitamix, coffee bean grinder in mind.  Thank goodness I have a stand mixer "barn" in the counter by the stove.  If the carpenter ever decides to re-appear--the new kitchen will have additional counters and "barns" for appliances---and outlets to power them.

We stopped at Joann's to look at buttons and Kona cotton (awful colors) and G expressed interest in a paint by numbers set.  Couldn't find that but did find a color by numbers coloring book.  He's using my Prang pencil set but might go to Staples and buy a set of his own.  He needs more "colors".  I am surprised that he wanted this but he said it would be nice to have something to do when Winter comes.

I also purchased five more bags of old fashioned lemon drops.  There is something soothing and comforting about a nice tart lemon drop.  Especially at work.  And sometimes having the lemon drop in my mouth keeps me from making an unwelcome comment.  Which is a very good thing.  And the lemon drops have kept me from commenting on the national news.  When life gives you lemons--- make them into lemon drops.

Riley continues to improve.  He is standing up for his interests and barking like crazy to go out and terrorize the guys putting up siding next door.  Tearing around shaking his toys.  Feeling much better.
I feel sorry for any truck that (beep beep beep) backs into our driveway.


MariMo said...

Larbi has the same hobby as G! He inherited my mum's color pencil box - Bruynzeel design aquarel pencils - 45 pencils. Since color books for adults came out about 2 years ago, this is what he loves doing - when he's not playing soccer, training for soccer or organizing a soccer tournament. Happy to hear that Riley is doing well again!

Annie said...

Love that new variety of "points", very pretty. Are you getting a Thanksgiving meal for your family, or are you invited somewhere? I resigned from getting Tday dinner as of last year, too much work for me. We'll be going to my daughter's in Bridgton for dinner. I did volunteer a pumpkin pie so I must get that in the oven now. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and family!