Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thoughts Regarding The 2016 Garden

Each year I struggle to make improvements to the vegetable garden and to the various beds around the yard.  This Spring more trees (so expensive to get rid of) will be cut down--to bring in more sun.  As it is right now, I don't get the Southern sun until high noon.  These tall trees are blocking the warm morning sun from the south.  It's still cold here at my house, and the forsythias are not in bloom yet, thought they are nearly past in warmer (less treed) neighborhoods.

I would so love to make these cages for the tomatoes this summer.

Yesterday I had the pleasure (really) of working Spring cleanup at a house on the ocean.  Warm, sunny and the house was perched on a large slab of ledge.  Second job site yesterday was overlooking an ocean side marina.  The tide was coming in.  The sun was shining.  It was impossibly warm and the black flies were still sleeping.  Lunch was a warm toasty BLT from an iconic Maine store and supper was a generous scoop of homemade Whoopee pie ice cream from another only in Maine ice cream shop.  Late into the night, more episodes of True Detective on Xfinity's free Watch-a Thon (which ends Sunday night). I now only have one episode left to watch.  I have a short list of movies I will try and watch-- but sometimes they aren't available -- like The Martian.

My son always thinks I am one of the people interested in Game of Thrones.  I am not.

On regular television we are watching The Americans and Orphan Black.  The season ending episodes of regular shows such as Sleepy Hollow and Blacklist have both killed off the leading actress making me wonder why (and also being seriously surprised).  G has also reported that Beckett is leaving Castle, which I HOPE means cancelling the show as Castle by himself will be tedious and boring. Hoping Netflix ordered another season of Longmire.

Today I am hauling lime and fertilizer out to the veggie garden and planting (really!!!this time) my carrot and beet pelleted seeds.  Also my lettuces.  No peas this year.  I have transplanted my tiny tomato seedlings to larger pots (I do these little jobs in the 20 or 30 minutes before I fly out the door to work).  The onion seedlings look good and it's almost time for them to go into the garden.  Garlic I planted in October is coming up.  Need shallots.

I scavenged some wild geraniums, some wild phlox, and a tiny little Japanese Maple on my travels  to various dump piles the past few weeks.  Now I have to find the "correct" spot to let them thrive and ramble.  We have also rooted large branches of lilac and forsythias in half gallon Mason jars.  They also need to be planted sooner rather than later.  The deer have chewed off the tops of all my blooming hyacinths.  The pretty dark blue ones.  My favorites-- and theirs, I guess.

I may be back later in the week--or not.  I don't have my work schedule yet.

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