Friday, April 15, 2016

More Spring Pansies

These, I believe, are the Karma Violet Face Pansies.  I really like them and always order more than I should for the greenhouse.  They always sell out.  I haven't purchased any--- the deer eat them.  Within 12 hours of purchase and planting.  It's very sad.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Pulmonary Specialist to discuss and fact find my newly discovered asthma.  I'm pretty typical.  The inhaler makes me feels perfectly healthy ---so I think I don't really have asthma.  Don't need the medicine.  Happens to everyone.  But without the medicine I would feel perfectly awful.

I also had two draws of blood for an Asthma Test (did you know there was such a thing) to be perfectly sure I have asthma.  I think it gives the doctor "proof" to show the patient.  The second test was an allergy test.  To see what I am allergic to.  It maybe Riley.  Boo!  I already know I am seriously allergic to cats.

My arm has a very large bruise from the blood tests.  Next week they are giving me a Breathing Stress Test.  Doctor says "if someone doesn't faint or pass out, we aren't doing it right".  Can't wait.

On the employment front.  Four days @ work.  Three days not at work.  Resting. Reading. and actually making dinner.  Quite novel.  Could get used to it.

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