Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Season For Cast Iron Pots

I had an appointment with the eye doctor today.  Which meant leaving work early.  Which meant I could actually cook my pot roast.  It's seasoned, browned and in the oven.

I got a 24 in Flame as a wedding present from my mother's sisters.  My aunts.  Can you sense the distance? Emotionally. But I loved the gift.

Now, thanks to discount bargain hunting, I have a 24, 26 and 28.  I'm still hunting for a frying pan. On sale.  All Flame.

Back to the pot roast.  Pot roast has been my choice for a birthday dinner for years and years.  This year's birthday seemed too warm for a pot roast.  But, when I went grocery shopping over the weekend I noticed, sitting all alone in the meat case, a very nice pot roast.  I figured it was meant to be.

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Paula, the quilter said...

I love my cast iron: one pot and one skillet. The OLD cast iron. I can't use them right now because hubby, in his infinite wisdom, decided I needed one of those new ceramic top stoves. I hate it. The cast iron won't cook correctly on it, just flat bottomed pans. I guess it was the thought that counts, right? Now I am just waiting on the day that I can install a gas range/oven.