Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Salvia is Blooming-- Must be July

We are down to 6 hour shifts at work.  The summer slow down.  Today was hot, muggy and quite miserable.  Luckily, I learned from my experience yesterday and brought a proper lunch. I had a cheese sandwich, cantaloupe chunks, iced coffee---and I shared the bag of popcorn I had tucked away in my locker.  M helped me pop it successfully.  I do NOT know how to microwave popcorn.

The deer didn't eat anything overnight but, just in case, I clipped all the lovely pink rosebuds that could tempt the deer.  A very nice, sweet smelling bouquet.  The deer don't touch the peonies or the salvia.   They don't like the bearded iris or the false indigo either.  As of 15 minutes ago, they didn't enjoy the goat's beard's plumes.

The hydrangea are wrapped in chicken wire.

My saved zinnia seeds germinated and are now 6 inches tall with small, single magenta flowers.  I feel quite proud of them.  The deer won't eat them but last summer the slugs and snails made so many holes in the leaves--the poor flowers didn't have a chance.

The little window AC unit is doing it's usual fantastic job of eliminating the moisture in the air.

The carpenters showed up this morning (when I was hoping to sleep late) at 7:30 and power screwed the new shutters on the house.  Starting with the bedroom window.  So much for sleeping late.
Time to think about supper.

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