Monday, July 06, 2015

I Can't Let Life Beat Me Down

I love this line drawing of the Goat.  I should do one of my own.

G is watering the garden more often.  After his daily 2.5 mile walk with Riley.  The carpenter installing the new windows on the front of the house has given me some tips on what to feed my plants for maximum growth.  The growth I am getting this year is rather more skimpy than last year. I added manure and fertilizer but it doesn't seem to be doing anything--well, it DOES seem to be helping the weed population thrive.  And the mosquitos.

My hibiscus (swamp mallow) was really growing tall and beautiful.  The deer ate it to the ground. The rose bushes are full of blossoms.  I am wondering who will ruin them.  The deer or the Japanese beetles.  I walked (stomped) around the house saying "I hate this place" because of the deer.  Just as soon as I notice something is looking lovely---they (the deer) destroy it all.   There is little to no joy in gardening for me this summer.

I am growing tired of walking from the kitchen, through the sunporch, into the garage and then over to the loaner fridge to get  cream for my coffee or milk for my cereal.  Then back to the kitchen.  And then back to the garage to put what ever I needed back into the fridge.  The loaner is in the garage because G picked it up rather than the Loew's guys delivering.  And we couldn't carry it over the steps into the sunroom where we had the loaner last July.

I just found a tick behind my glasses earpiece, stuck to my skin but still wiggling. I don't know if blood was exchanged.  I have to have G look at the spot (I can't see the area above/behind my ear) when he gets back from his walk.  He has found 3 or 4 ticks on himself in the last few days.  I'm thinking we are picking them up in the vegetable garden.

I bought some tick deterrent but G hasn't (even though I have asked twice already) spread it around the brushy edges of the lawn as yet.  Hopefully, today.  I don't know if there is anything else we can do--besides staying locked in the house.  Lots of ticks at work--where this one on my ear may, more likely, have gotten on me.

Today was my last dose of doxycycline.  My RN friend said now I have to document and have checked any "new" symptoms.  Any rashes, aches and pains in joints, etc. etc.  She said Lyme's is similar to syphilis in that it waits in the blood for years and then comes back, worse, so much worse.
By then I hope the researchers have found a way to reverse it.

But for now--we will check my ear and see if another bullseye appears.  It's really not safe to go outside.

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