Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wednesday By Wednesday

I like Wednesday.  Yes, It's the "hump" in the week.  Get over it and you roll south into the weekend. But I also like Wednesday because I was born on a Wednesday, so I kind of think it's "my day".

Here is the art work I have been trying to work on.  It never got to this stage before the deadline to enter the publicity contest.  I think I am in the right "ballpark" with the subject matter as the 2014 Common Ground Fair poster art looks sort of like this.  Let's hope someone buys it?

The second piece is still in it's infancy.  I added new things but they haven't had time to adjust yet. So no pictures today.  Perhaps tomorrow.   It's too dark for pictures today.  We are having cooler temps and evening rain.  Which means---no sunshine.

Yesterday was my foot doctor appointment.  New doctor.  My primary doctor (the "You Are Fat" woman) said the foot doctor would make me laugh.  Not so much.  He is definitely "out there"-- like crazy as a loon.  But he taped my toes together (while humming and yipping) and stuck a strip of something to the side of my right foot and--well, I don't understand these things---- but it all feels different.  Better.  Even the knee. And by the end of the appointment I was cautiously thinking of a second visit with this guy.  He certainly is different.

The foot doctor also said I would be needing to replace my shoes more frequently than is common.  Meaning as soon as I started listing to the outside edges--I need to get a new pair of shoes.  He suggested buying in bulk.  Like six pairs at once.  Not that that doesn't appeal to me.  It does. Because that is the way I am "wired" already.  If I like something, I want multiples of the exact same thing.

Is that technically called Hoarding?

The fridge is still not fixed. Whirlpool is not to be trusted. The repair guy and the part were supposed to come on Monday (after G worked on it for hours on the phone with supervisors in Michigan and Tennessee) but the repair truck broke down and needed fixing.  All his equipment was in the broken truck.  I am starting to see the fridge on the porch as being "part of my life" now.  It is helpful with the trays of berries I am freezing.  The raspberries and blueberries.

I skipped work on Sunday which gave me a "three day vacation" from work.  Actually became very difficult to get to work on Tuesday.  Could I be ready to retire?  I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and made a full meal 3 nights in a row.  I even weeded, planted and mulched a garden bed. All things that had been backsliding while I went to work.  That's the problem.  The things I should be doing at home--just don't get done.  And then, there are the things I would LIKE to be doing.  They don't get done either.

G has gone to walk the dog.  G's truck is being repaired at Toyota in order to get an inspection sticker. We decided to put more money into something that only has junk value rather than buy a newer one. Trust me--it turned out to be less expensive this way.  And the tires are still good.  Then I will go to work and G will wait for the fridge guy.  Again.  I'm working till 6pm today. August is a very slow month in the greenhouse.  Very.  Slow.

I had some downs (good) and ups (bad) in the diet this week.  I made a huge mistake in eating on Sunday and am still trying to lose what I picked up.  Going to bed hungry is the key to this diet.  Hard Lesson.


Gretchen said...

I love your piece of art work. Bright and cheery.

I'm with you on Wednesdays. I don't watch much tv but I love the camel asking what day it is commercial.

Know what you mean about diets. I'm still plugging away with mine and losing about a pound a week. But sometimes I do slip and just forget about one of my two 600 calorie days per week. I may not gain, but I certainly don't lose. It's been a long slog for me. But I am getting there very slowly.

Deborah Boschert said...

Of course, I just love this little garden bouquet... especially the black and green striped stem reaching out of the design.