Saturday, August 16, 2014

Still Waiting For Tomatoes

Another blogger here in Maine (soulemama) is already roasting pans of tomatoes for the freezer.  We, here at my house, north of that location, have had two or three plates of tomato caprese and little more. I don't think I could fill even a small tray with tomatoes to roast.  So I wait.

I am hoping for another 20 or so Sungold cherry tomatoes for a quick pasta sauce today.  That would make me happy enough to skip lunch and just have a big dinner.  Skipping meals is something I don't take lightly.  Makes Joanne a very crabby girl.

Work is still dreadfully slow but my visit (after physical therapy) to TJ Maxx made me realize that no retail store is actually busy right now, even though my "retail employer" of last year has it's busiest month in August (tourists).   I brought in more popsicles and some microwave popcorn to raise the spirits of my co-workers.  And alcohol wipes to clean off the dry eraser boards.

Physical therapy is going to last four weeks.  We are working on my left hip and right knee.  My therapist said it would be "so much" easier if both concerns were on the same side.  But they are not.  I am still taping my toes.  I still get flashes of nerve tingling in the ball of that foot.  Not painful but nerve "tingling" always feels strange.

Refrigerator News.   The Whirlpool guys, *two*, showed up, thawed all the ice around the valve and installed the new three way valve.  The fridge part started right up and they said "fixed" and packed up and left.  G called the next morning to say "not fixed" and the guys said "we didn't think that would work but Whirlpool wouldn't approve us doing anything else".  They also were not approved (by Whirlpool Corp) to return and do any further work.  Period.

 We then switched to the extended warranty service number (run by Sears) and a guy (who actually knew how to run digital diagnostic on the fridge using the door panel display), went thru all the gadgets and connections and guess what?  It was the fan.   I got it right weeks ago.  The sad news--it'll be  almost 2 weeks before the genius guy and the new fan can come back here.  We will then be very close to TWO MONTHS with a broken fridge.  Thank goodness for the Lowes loaner fridge.

I just want to mention how very UNHELPFUL the Whirpool people have been.  In Maine.  In Michigan.  In Tennessee.  Long waits on the phone.  If you are shopping for an appliance, don't buy one of theirs.

Meanwhile a guy from India keeps calling to warn us about some "trouble" with our Windows laptop (we don't have one) which he can "fix" if we just give him our secret code numbers.  I tell him I am calling the police and he hangs up but then calls back the next day.  I think we get these calls because we still have a landline.

The cable company was here to replace a whole bunch of cables, the router connection and a few other things that were corroded.  My computer now runs pretty good and Netflix looks like it did in the past (it lost all it's bells and whistles a few months ago probably due to the bad cabling from the street to the house, under the house, and in the walls.  This is the second time we have had to have major cables replaced.  Like every 10 years.  Hopefully I won't have to sit here swearing at the computer--which makes posting an unpleasant task-- in the next little while.

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Annie said...

Are you on the DO Not Call list? It's not foolproof but, helps somewhat with those nuisance calls. You have to re do it every once in a while.

Good luck with your tomatoes, hope they come through soon.