Monday, December 12, 2005

Strange Fruit

My tiny art quilt group (two plus me) had another group challenge using a project from the Summer 2005 Quilting Arts. Layered (again) with stitching. I used a grey and orangey rust dotted fabric to begin and then "printed" five circles onto the fabric using white paint and the bottom of a plastic pot/saucer. Then I added squares of cross stitch base and frayed the edges and tied them between the circles with embroidery floss. Then I did a running stitch around the white circle with white perle cotton and inside the circles with rust perle cotton. Next I stretched the yellow webbed bag from the Thanksgiving turkey over all and stitched it down as best I could--it kept wanting to draw back up on itself. Lastly I added the control/circuit panel from a tape cassette player and twirled the cut grey wires in and out of the turkey webbing. A good hot press with the steam iron and spray starch ( ON THE BACK!) and Bob's your uncle it was done.

I hope this is the last layered item we do for a while. I hope QA stops doing them also. Surface design can be lots more than loading stuff on the top like a huge stuffed baked potato with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, chili, more cheese--anyway you get the idea. You wouldn't have it for dinner every night.

The "Strange Fruit" of the title was an art piece I saw at a party yesterday. A fruit basket filled with altered plastic fruit. An apple studded with cherries. An orange with strawberries coming out of the sides. A peach embedded on the end of a banana. Now the insertion of the one fruit into another was done VERY nicely. You couldn't tell how it was done. There were lemons, limes, pears studded with purple plums etc . The hostess/owner of this art felt the "thing" was creepy. Environmental alarmist. Why she bought it is a question I would have liked to ask. Made me think of all the contour drawings being done this week. What fun to do one of these "Strange Fruits".


Karoda said...

The plastic fruit does sound weird...made me think of altered fruit via radiation.

The items you mentioned in your piece sound curious to work with...never would have thunkit about the webbed bag from the turkey.

Deborah said...

I love the little layered piece. It's very "techno" mixed media. How big is it? I also love your surface design description. You're right... too much is too much.