Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Wishes

I painted all ten of the Christmas cards I sent this year and this one was my favorite. So I took a picture of it--just for all of you reading this!

I also baked cookies. Jam Thumbprints from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook and some apricot oatmeal cookies from one of those small Martha Steward Food magazines. They turned out good and I made up gift bags for each of my ten (hey, a re-occurring number) co-workers and took them to work with me yesterday. Everyone was happy. The gift bags had cute penquins on them.

I had a doctor's appointment today to see what's going on with this running nose and cough I have had for 21 days now. But when the secretary called she mentioned that the doctor wasn't in today and I would be seeing the Physician's Assistant. I said "No, I won't be doing that". So no doctor's appointment today--maybe I'll go see Pride and Prejudice at the local, crappy movie theatre. I don't know why "arty" as in theatre also has to be "crappy" as in broken seats, musty decor and just general rundown looking. They charge the same price as the new, cushy seated theatre down the road. The big difference---old, dragged in from the curb couches in the front row. Only place to see Pride and Prejudice unless I want to drive 40 minutes and you all know I don't like to drive.

The Hub and I had an agreement--no presents. Now there is a growing pile of gifts in the hallway--with my name on them and there is no pile with his name on them because I stayed true to the agreement.

Still no Christmas tree. With the war and Bush and now Cheney and Rumsfeld on the news each and every night----I just don't feel happy or joyful about this holiday. How many young soldiers will die this Christmas? For what? How many Iraq nationals--giving peace and democracy a chance--will die training to be police or military? How much more of this will America stand for? Clinton unzipped his pants and he was impeached--Bush has gone so much further down the wrong path and no impeachment.

Didn't mean for this post to go in this direction. See what a cough and runny nose does to me. But I do wish you all a Merry Christmas---no PC Happy Holiday for me---and I will be cleaning my studio so I can begin the new year with a good work situation---some clean surfaces!!!

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