Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Field Notes- Damp and significantly cooler. Rain likely.

 My work.  From years ago- on the fireplace mantle.  

I walked around the living room and took some pictures.

Prescription pickup (husband) this morning and appointments made for Second COVID Boosters for husband and I on Friday Morning.   Getting us set up for Fall and Winter.  We'll be napping and feeling bad for the weekend but had no plans anyway.  I might buy a half gallon of ice cream after we get our shots. For me.  Usually I make soup. 

Dropped off a book that needed to go back--unread......I'll try again later.  I have a stack of books to get me thru the coming weekend if I feel out of sorts.  Last Booster I had a sore arm and a slight fever. Husband just settled into his couch and slept for 10 hours.  We'll see.......... 

Trump TV today with all his Legal Problems hitting the front burners right now..........

I started this cloudy humid day with a shower.  And then hunted in my closet for pants I wore last Summer which have disappeared in the closet.  I found the oldest pair of knit LLBean pants.  They have several holes in them from getting too close to wire fencing in the garden.  I might do some mending if things continue to be boring.

I have a freshly picked zucchini.  I should try and make something.  For Luncheon.  Or Not.  I do like it sliced longways and then fried till a bit crispy.  That sounds doable.

Haircut for me tomorrow.  Heat and Humidity does me no favors with my hair.

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