Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Field Notes- Cooler, rain overnight and into the morning- Drizzle. I am grateful.

 I may have used this before-  Tumbler I think.   I am trying to clean out the picture file.  Start taking my own pictures...... sigh.  I just paid the bills and carried them out to the mailbox at the end of the driveway. I got rained on.  My shirt in damp.   I like the dotted chest on the birds.  Why I chose the image I am sure.

The guy who had husband's new glasses made "M"...called to check on how husband was doing.  Things are good. "M" thought maybe husband would have difficulty transitioning.  But I said he was very pleased with them and has stopped using the readers 100%.  I told "M" that it was "one less thing for me to try and find each day". Lost reading glasses.  I lost count of how many times he has misplaced them.........

I rested my eyes yesterday.  No reading.  My eyes are tired.  I am tired.  

I asked and husband said he would enjoy another Blueberry Cake- so I went shopping with the recipe card and got ingredients and baked the cake.  He ate his usual sized portion (surprisingly) as I watched the talking heads discuss the raid on Trump's Florida home.  They brought a safe cracker with them. I hope he had copies of his "taxes" in the safe.  

We seemed to have gotten past husband's anorexia phase quicker than usual.  It might have been the cadaver comment I made.  And it was a true observation.

He has quite a few phobias regarding "home cooking".  Restaurant food is 100% okay all the time. My sister in law mentioned a few "common" things she had to put up with with his brother.  I rolled with them and she didn't.  Like "floating" things in soup.  Soup broth had to be clear of any "floating" things. I strained the soup- she didn't.  And she left everything together in the bowl- I separated each item into a separate container...........yes, indeed.  This started in the first weeks of being married.  

I should have packed my bags and bought a bus ticket. But I don't think I had enough cash for bus fare.

I always have "getaway" cash these days.


  1. My mom always had "getaway" cash but didn't use it fast enough ;)

  2. Goodness but you made me laugh over the 'packing your bags and bus ticket' early on in marriage. I hope I'm not offending you. I give you credit for staying as long as you have :-)

  3. hindsight is 20/20. Yes, that's the thing about getaway cash.....gotta USE IT.....
    Two great kids and I got to see Europe on the company credit card............