Monday, August 08, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, August 8th. Very hot and humid yesterday, No rain. In the 80's before 10am.

 From a collection of jeans with mended areas or just patched for the fun of it.  The open side seams.

Jeans- not so fun to but well worn and soft and raggedy?  Wow.  Like outdoor pajamas. Public Pajamas.  Back in the day.  Now with leggings.........everything is open to display. No shame.

So.....I was going to show you the PILE of books going back to the library today- in a few minutes.  But why?  anyway.   I read a churchy one yesterday.  I say that not as a criticism -- the plot of the Book of Jane is based on the Book of Job.  The love interest is a tall, silent man dressed in black from head to toe.  An Actuary. He also knows how to pilot the family helicopter.  Yes, of course, he has to be mega rich. Many descriptive lines in the story on how he butters his slice of bread.  I was riveted. Jane was, also. Eventually...he kissed Jane. Once. she sort of had to force him to do it..........

I am now re reading the book about the Carpenter and the wealthy ER doctor. I wonder how he would butter his bread. He did make her a grilled cheese sandwich.

I chopped up the cold baked chicken yesterday (finally) and mixed it with honey and mayo and had a scoop with my mixed greens salad (I added a carrot). I needed to eat some protein.  I have the remainder of my honey yogurt ready to eat (Bran Buds and a handful of thawing frozen strawberries) today. I may pick up a package of the BBQ pork.  I need protein.  I feel like the melting witch in Wizard of Oz.

That's it for today.  I've watered the containers and the Peaches.  I made the bed. I washed clothes a few days ago and folded it all.  I was tempted to iron a few things but shut down those thoughts right away.

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  1. Leggings and no shame - oy vey, isn't that the truth...LOL
    I tried your chicken and honey and mayo concoction and liked it a lot - something different for me. Lately, I hate eating, or maybe I should say, I hate preparing a meal to eat, so to have something different on the menu is enjoyable. :-)