Monday, March 13, 2017

Wool Dryer Balls

I picked some up at Whole Foods on one of our visits to the Estate Planning Lawyer.  Wasn't sure they were the "real deal" or just one of those "oh, so cute" fads.  I like them.  BUT they get stuck in things and are then lost.  Like into pillowcases. G found one.  He woke up to something hurting his shoulder.  A dryer ball in the pillowcase.  My three are all beige.  Would have like one of each color.

Dentist today to have my 6 month tooth cleaning.  No staining.  Yikes!!!  What a happy surprise. Now to continue on with all of that.  Good gum tissue also.  Not my usual comments--so I'm over the moon happy. Will see them again in September.

I am on the schedule at work this week.  Three days.  One of those days is in the midst of the Nor'easter coming to Maine.  Sixteen inches of snow.  And the carpenter called. They will arrive on Thursday at 8am.  To begin taking the master bath apart.  But......J says they will help move any furniture (king sized poster bed) we need help moving and move the stacked washer dryer to the garage so I can do laundry at home before they do anything else.  A busy week.

 How I am feeling today: Allergies and rashes are back.  The skin above my eyes (brows etc) is red, dry, cracked and flaky.  I am using every prescribed medicine.  Nothing really makes it go away--just makes it semi-bearable. Vacuuming carpets, changing bedding.  What I really need is warmer (50 degree) days so I can open windows and air the house out again.  I did once in February.  Had hoped to do it again this month.

What I am eating today:  The turmeric/ginger broth with carrots and noodles.  Later a salad using some of my sprouted beans and a nice handful of the pea shoots.  The chicken salad is gone.  Wish there was more but don't feel like making it again.

What I am sorting: Finally the right width box for the watercolor supplies:  mixing trays, boxed paints, roll of brushes, pads of paper.  I also managed to get the little bucket and wire drainer thing G bought for me one Christmas into the box.  I think for oil painting brushes.  But the little bucket can hold rinse water just as well.  I still have six bottles of ink to put somewhere-- and remember where.

Today's Purchase:  G has gone out with Riley to purchase more Sterlite containers.  And I think he has also gone to Home Depot to take a picture of the toilet we want the plumber to buy.  Toilets.  I want the two bathrooms to be identical.  My friend in Florida built a 2M house on the water with 6 or 8 bathrooms.  All identical.  All super gorgeous.  She says why waste time making them different.

G is home and we'll be going to acupuncture in 40 minutes.  Where has the day gone.  I hope H has some needles for my rash.

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