Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chairs & Escarole Soup

I collect pictures (images) of chairs all the time.  I have a journal, made a few years ago, with delicious line drawings of chairs from Architectural Digest advertisements.  A  chair seems to embody all the characteristics of a person.  Legs, arms, back, seat etc. And they are easy enough to freehand in pencil or pencil.  I should make more.

I like the looks of this particular chair but think it would be uncomfortable to sit in.  Good looks and poor function.  Like the chairs in waiting rooms.  Don't get too comfy.

Yesterday was another of the unending "cold, cloudy, windy" days we are having here in Maine.  A summer salad was out of the question so I went shopping and got a head of escarole and a bag of on sale yellow onions.  White Bean & Escarole Soup was on the stovetop in minutes.  Beans and Greens.

IT olive oil in the big cast iron casserole pan along with 1 yellow onion, 2 carrots and a clove of garlic.  All in a rough or fine chop as suits the chef.  Seven minutes.  Then add the washed head of escarole cut into slices and then chunks.  3 minutes to wilt and soften.  Then 4 cups broth (I use vegetable cubes), 2 rinsed 14 ounce cans of white cannelloni beans, one 14 ounce can diced tomato.  Simmer 20 minutes.  Eat.  As listed: the calories for the entire pot of soup is 1021.  For me--it's three portions.  Ah, I forgot the salt and pepper.  You can also shake in a few flakes of red pepper for some heat.

I think anyone writing about gardening should also write about cooking.  Of the ingredients listed above: I have tried and failed at carrots and escarole (growing them) but do a very good job with yellow onions, garlic and tomatoes (most years).

As soon as the kale is big enough I will be making my Sausage, Onion, Kale Frittata.  Heavy on the kale.  Life is good when there is kale.  I seem to be able to grow that.

The weather here in Maine is perfect for growing grass.  G is out mowing.  I have lettuce to plant, amaryllis bulbs (with leaves) to set out in the garden to increase the size of the bulb for next Winter, and I have to check on the strawberry plants--to see if the chipmunk I see running in the garden has eaten them all.  I have serious weeding to do and I need to settle my pepper plants into the raised beds.  The fennel plants that overwintered and then started growing again this Spring--are now chest height.  Good eating for caterpillars.  I try to do my part.  I was hoping to see bulb growth but I will be buying fennel bulbs at the grocery again this year.  The garlic looks good and my radishes might be ready to pull soon.  Oh, and I have potatoes to plant.

A busy time of year in the garden.  Later it's just weed, water and wait.

Oh, I purchased a Concord Grape vine at work.  Supposedly seedless.  It's very nice looking and already has baby grapes on the vines.  One more source of "fruit" for the household.  I've named it "jelly" (laughing).

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Jan said...

Tell me more about transferring the amaryllis bulb (with leaves). I have one but have never heard about moving it to the outside! I guess I should be doing this?