Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm Doing Fine

Thank you for all the kind words and wishes for my continued good health.  Me, too.

The pills seem to agree with me--which is not always the case with me.  I am eating my daily yogurt with sweet cherries which are on sale right now.  What a delightful treat.

As a side bar, the pills seem to be having an affect on others things.  My ankles are no longer swollen. They are just regular sized.  My knee doesn't ache.  I have lost weight (along with my appetite). So, it's all delightfully good.  I must be a treasure trove of inflammation and infection.

I'm wondering if I could be put on a prolonged daily treatment?????

I am spraying myself with SPF 50 at work, wearing long sleeves when I can and a hat out in the perennial yard (when I remember to bring my hat) and sitting down to do plant clean up when I feel fatigued.  Yes, I am working.  I know---what an idiot.

I don't feel sick.  Just a bit dizzy now and again but that could also be dehydration from the heat.

I bought bags and bags of ice pops for the kids at work--most have just graduated and are heading off to colleges and technical schools.  Very exciting days if I remember my own summer after high school.  I was 17.  I mostly remember being terrified of going away to college.

I'm off to the shower and then G and I will eat dinner.  Some chicken nuggets and red skin potato salad.  The grocery deli did the cooking.

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