Thursday, July 03, 2014

Fresh Produce

Not yet.  But soon.  My red onions are still tiny.

We are up to our ears in cucumbers.  And that's a very good thing as I love eating cucumber salad until it's time to eat tomato salad.  The tomato plants are looking robust.  Little tiny baby tomatoes. Big strong green stems.  I am feeding them epsom salts and iron.  This year's "experiment".

We have corn (from Georgia via the grocery) and cherries.  Strawberries from my friend's garden dropped off late at night.  I will be eating them with heavy cream tonight.  A thank you for finding a new home for her last chicken.  I am the "finder" of solutions.

I need sleeveless tops for work.  Loose, light clothing.  I wish I knew how to take the clothes I have and change them into the clothes I need. I should have paid more attention in 7th grade sewing class.
Being able to remake clothing is a real life changing skill.  Having exactly what you want.  Wow.

It's rained a bit the past two days.  Taking some of the "heat" out of two back to back sticky hot days at work.  I did manage to get some sun on the tops of my shoulders and the backs of my legs.  Shorts and a sleeveless top (which I stained with a blueberry from my lunch muffin).  My favorite time of day is still getting home and taking a good long shower.

My haircut today is shorter than usual.  But I like it.  I may even "punk" it up with product.  I ran my head under the sink faucet to get rid of all the short "haircut" bits after getting back to work.  That felt great.

Now, I am off to start cooking dinner.  I have the next two days off and intend to actually cook and feed the two of us.  How unusual.  Have a safe and happy holiday.  Fly the Flag!!!!

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Catherine Strickland said...

I love all the fresh food you are eating. I think it is such an essential part of everyone's diet and we leave it out far too often. I have chosen to not allow my children to have processed food until they are 10. And I will only allow them to have it when they are essentially forced into it.

Catherine Strickland @ Market At The Fareway