Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Fever?

My window Geranium in bud. I keep geraniums and flowering cactus blooming in my kitchen window all year round. About this time of year, I snip cuttings from the geranium and pot them up for outdoor use. My darkest fushia geranium *bit the dust* last year so I will be looking to replace it this season.

After my exuberant post of yesterday---- my dizziness became nausea and then chills and then I had to cancel a planned dinner with a delightful friend and I spent the evening sleeping/ eating frozen juice bars/ drinking liquids/ in case I was dehydrated. I woke with almost normal equilibrium but tired. I don't think I will go to the library to shelve books, lest I fall over, with eyes spinning in my head. Spring fever?

Today is even nicer than yesterday. Instead of a ride in the car, top down, --I think I will sit on the back porch, in the sun and close my eyes and recharge my internal batteries. I am tired.

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mary m. said...


Maybe you drove with the top down too early in the season. I understand and can relate to your exuberance. ; D.

Hope you feel better soon. You are too funny!