Friday, September 22, 2023

Field Notes- Updated and Still Friday September 22nd.

 A night photo from my Master Gardener Friend Patty.  An RN.  We talked for a long time last night.

That picture above the stove is a painting of a little house that I made for her..... she calls it the Happy Home Painting.

Daughter contacted her friends still in Social Work.  We are waiting.  Hospital is calling our one choice form the list and a new choice.....not on the list.  Fingers crossed...all of you.....that they have a bed open. And that hospital will keep him until they do have a bed open.  So many old people in the state of Maine....we are most likely whistling in the wind.

I started this second post because I wanted to send all of you this picture of the Happy House.....the way I used to be long long ago before I knew any of you.   I want to get back to being that person......I want that.

Now I need to find someone to attach a fold down shower bench to the master bath wall.   So, eventually husband can come home.


  1. That remembering the person you once were and wanting that back - it sounds so familiar. I wrote something similar in my journal earlier this week.

    Thank you for your updates. So many people care about you.