Thursday, September 21, 2023

Field Notes- Thursday September 21st. 7 pm.

 Think Report.  

So...we walked in to reception this morning and asked about his room number.   Daughter thought it would be better to know the worst on the ground floor so we could walk out fast.

When we left yesterday he had a fever and sounds in his lungs no one was happy about.... and had more people in his room than I though could fit.  An all hands on deck blaze.

I waited at home for the call that he hadn't made it.

Walked in this morning to a new room (reportedly the best on the floor)--a single with wide screen tv and a full deluxe bathroom.  He looked better than he has in years.  Not allowed solid food or liquids.  Applesauce. Ice Cream. Yogurt. Period.  Nothing that could get sucked into lungs by accident. I'm certain he will manage to do it anyway.

We found the Palliative Care rep talking to him (excuse spelling) and explaining the difference between a "Natural Death" and a "DNR".  He has now chosen the Natural Death.  A late birthday present. For me.

So Palliative Care.   Rehab.  Assisted Living.  Period.  Just like that.

A friend is looking for a walker and a shower chair with arm things to hold on to....I am at a loss for words.

Daughter took me out for a "Pub" dinner.  Deep Fried Pickles, A Cheeseburger and Fries. I admitted I haven't eaten anything but half a bowl of oatmeal each I even had a Starbucks coffee. Not even my Birthday Dessert.......

We'll be driving back to the hospital again...tomorrow. And the next tomorrow etc. etc. We left him doing a word search after reading a woodworking magazine.  Bright and cheerful and on point. Drugs????

I have leftovers of the Pub Dinner in the fridge.  Fries and Pickles.  And Cheesecake Bites dipped in dark chocolate.  But not tonight.  Tonight the heating pad..... and early to bed. I am whiplashed and exhausted.

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