Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday October 31

Blogger doesn't want to do pictures right now.

So, what do you dog owners do with the dog all day? I walk him, feed him and pet him but still he seems to want more. I have no idea what. And I want to do my own stuff some of the day. Not just dog stuff. How many leaves can you smell? Yesterday we walked 5 miles. I'm tired. We've done 2 miles already and its just 2 in the afternoon.

Just a sec.

He found something to do. Chewing on some stored butternut squash out on the porch. Another squash ruined. At this rate I won't get to eat any of them before they all rot or get eated by the dog.

Was reading Melody's blog and it led to some YouTube cooking videos and I discovered Indian cooking videos by ManjulasKitchen and watched all of them. My favorites are Palak Paneer and Aloo Gobi. The Roti and Aloo Parathas look like interesting breads.

Tonight's dinner (I am remembering to cook) is Eggplant Parmesan. I have the sliced eggplant salted and sweating in the fridge. I should check to see if I have marinara in a jar or do I have to make my own. And what pasta shape to go with?

I did surrender to the NYTimes No Knead Bread and while my loaf wasn't perfect, it was very, very delicious. I plan to try again. I may have added too much water or not enough flour. I also think I "touched" the dough a bit too much. It turned out smooth, not rustic. And the NYTimes video said 500 degrees on the oven and cast iron. Smoking hot is the way the baker described it.

My heating oil arrived. 96.9 gallons at $2.999. Two hundred ninety dollars and 60 cents. And I haven't turned on the furnace yet. That's just for heating the water. For 2 months. August 20th to October 31. If only I could have afforded the budget plan of $2.59 a gallon. But we just didn't have $2700 up front. Being "sort of retired" isn't for sissies.

We aren't old enough for Social Security, Medicare or funding from our investments. So we (well, g has to) work an hourly job to get health care benefits, try and live on what we don't have invested, and not buy anything. After years and years of being taken care of, very well, by corporate employers and really enjoying being quite spoiled. We had it all. And now I miss it. I wish I knew how to do something people would pay me lots of money to do.

But right now--- it's out to walk the dog. The dog who is huddled on his dog bed after being yelled at for eating the squash. Bad dog! I did say that, for the very first time, in his little life. He is feeling great remorse, I'm sure. Me too.


Samantha said...

Mr. Rileypants needs to go to the dog park or doggie day care 2x/week to get him out and about and give you two days free to do human things. Just a thought.

Deborah Boschert said...

Have you heard this saying about dogs?

A door is a thing that a dog always wants to be on the other side of.

I swear, now that it's not hot or rainy in TX, Lincoln wants to go out all the time, but not for long. Goodness, he might miss a cumb or something inside. In. Out. In. Out.

Unknown said...

I think its a Lab thing. Cody gets lots of love, walks and pets, but if I'm home he is never far away. When I am in the kitchen he wants to be right at my feet, and not begging, either. He just lays there quietly. I love that about him. Our last dog, an Akita, was more aloof - happy to go along for the ride, but also happy to do her own thing.

Do you like the Dog Whisperer? I like his approach to walks, which means it's "business time." Cody isn't allowed to sniff and snort his way around the neighborhood. We walk with "purpose." Then I let him sniff at various points (always different) along the way. Otherwise, our walks would take hours! :-)